Time to Dive Again!

The new diving season is almost upon us and like usual the Croydon 23 divers are preparing their kit ready for 2012 action. Some club members are already braving the various inland lakes to test their kit and continue to refine their skills, you never know when these will be needed so we like to practice, practice, practice. Various equipment has been sent off over the winter months for servicing and await their fresh trials back in the pool before jumping into our British sea’s. We have access to a pool on a Wednesday night from 8pm to 9.30pm, so this gives everyone plenty of opportunity to meet up, test kit and have a good catch up. The 2012 calendar was well received at the AGM in late November and we are all looking forward to the full year’s day dives we have booked with the various skippers on the south coast. These are of course in addition to the usual Plymouth weekends away on Venture in April and August run by Paul and Alan’s annual trip to Scapa Flow, this year he will be racing to the north on the 7th -14th July and taking up the usual week’s residence aboard Sunrise to explore the various wrecks and sites of Scapa. This is a great trip and always enjoyed by everyone, Alan has been running this for about 19 years now and everything is thought of and runs like clockwork. Some will of course also explore overseas waters and we have 3 trips already booked to explore the French waters.

The number of Rebreather’s has increased in the club over the past 6 months so I’m sure we will start to see some trips being planned for greater depths and long bottom times. We have also seen an excellent increase in club members as the word continues to spread that we are a diving club that actually goes diving very often weekly in the summer months. This allows the training team to continue their busy programmes of bring along new and existing members to greater skill levels.

Anyway, enough from me for now – catch up soon.

  • Marc Dellow (Expeditions Officer)

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