Formed in 1955 and with the BSAC branch number 23, Croydon BSAC is one of the longest running diving clubs in the country. We pride ourselves on the quality of training we provide and the warm, friendly welcome of our members. The club has a reputation for safety and has built up close relations with various charter boat skippers and diving shops.

In the past, the club has been a leading light within BSAC, providing assistance to fledgling clubs as far away as the Shetland Islands and, in 1970, being awarded the Duke of Edinburgh’s Prize. The Prize was awarded for the clubs archaeological work on the Mewstone Cannon Site in Plymouth, a survey that featured in the very first edition of the Journal of Nautical Archaeology.

We continue to provide well for our members and in recent years have arranged expeditions to the Channel Isles, Normandy, Scapa Flow, the Scilly Isles, Mull, Cornwall, Dorset, Malta and the Red Sea.