Club Dive: 7th May, The Ramsgarth

Another club dive from the good ship Channel Diver skippered by Steve Johnson. A choppy sea, pouring rain and some thunder and lightening greeted us in Brighton, which is hardly the best start to a day’s diving…especially after the fantastic weather we had at Easter. Still, us Croydon BSACers are hardy sorts and strapped the gear down for a lumpy ride to the Ramsgarth.

Not much to tell about this one as the viz was terrible, with the May plankton bloom having arrived in full force. Still, everyone had a decent-ish dive and made the best of it, with a few scallops being procured. After tea and biscuits we were heading back against the sea so were in for a bumpy ride to our second dive site (South West Rocks, just off of Shoreham). Lessons learnt on the way the the second dive include:

  • Strapping your gear down properly is a good idea when it’s rough.
  • 15l twinsets don’t necessarily put holes in the deck when they fall off their benches.
  • ┬áDave I sounds like a lion roaring when he’s being seasick.

Not the best day we’ve ever had, by some diving is better than no diving. Let’s hope the viz improves soon.

Paul Brown

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