AGM Raffle

Birmingham Dive Show

As we’re sure you’ve seen in the blog the club AGM takes place at 7.30pm on Monday 19th October 2009 at the Half Moon pub, 10 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, London, SE24 9HU (map).  To try and get a few bods along we’re running a raffle, with prizes as follows:

  1. 2 tickets to the dive show (donated by the very generous Birmingham Dive Show )
  2. Bottle of Plymouth Gin (donated byPaul Brown)
  3. Some odds & sods of dive gear (donated byRick Whitby)
  4. Bottle of Scotch (donated byDave Elphick)
  5. Bottle of Brandy (donated byPaul Carvall)
  6. Bottle of Bubbly (donated by Chris Carter)

Many thanks to all those that have donated, especially the nice people from the Birmingham Dive Show.

Birmingham Dive Show

Birmingham Dive Show

If you’d like to donate a prize please let us know via the club mailing list.

It’s hugely important that as many members as possible attend the AGM as you will get to have a say on the running of YOUR club. Additionally, it’s in a pub – so you’ll all be able to get pissed afterwards. If you’re planning to come along please let Chris Carter know.

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