2010 Divelist Now Available


  1. croydonbsac says:

    UPDATE: The dive on the 9th May from Littlehampton will be a trip to the Mixon Hole.

    For those that don’t know, the Mixon Hole is a scenic dive just off the end of Selsey Bill. Suspected to be an old Roman quarry the Mixon is basically a big hole in the seabed, the top is at 6m and the bottom is at about 28m. The dive is usually on the northern wall starting at the western end and drifting east (so you keep the wall on your left). You follow the shot down to the edge of the hole at 6m then go over the side descending to your chosen depth, 28m is you want to hit the seabed and head into the bowl or whatever depth you want if you are going to follow the wall along eastwards. If you heads off into the bowl you may see some large skate and/or tope, along with some large granite balls (remnants from the quarry). Along the wall there are the usual suspects in abundance: lots of invert life like crabs, lobsters, rose corals etc and plenty of fish life too. The wall itself is clay and decays readily, this means that at the bottom of the wall new fossils are regularly revealed – I’ve send some nice fossilised sharks teeth come up from here.

    A very good dive – probably the best scenic dive in Sussex waters and one of my favourites. Definitely one for the photographers and/or dinner-hunters. If you don’t come up with atleast one lobster you’re a big wuss.

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