Dive – Wreck – Pentrych

Join us on the first dive of the season with a regular club favourite, The Pentrych.

This British steam cargo ship has been sunk by a German submarine UB-40 under captain Karl Dobberstein about 5 miles from Brighton.

It was carrying cargo of coal which can be found spread around the wreck site.

In places it stands up 6-7 meters from the sea bed.

It lies in approximately 24 meters of water (tide depending) and has been well dived by generations of divers.

It is a perfect dive to start up the season and get the “dive legs” back after the winter slumber.

Ropes off time: 7 am

Aproximate dive time: 8am

Loading from 6am at Brighton Marina

Boat charter: Channel Diver


Please contact our expeditions officer if you wish to book yourself on the dive*


* Terms and conditions apply.