Plymouth 2006

The following photos are from our 2006 Plymouth weekend, diving from Venture skippered by the every-happy Pete Fergus.

Click on each image to view an enlarged version.

Ian stuffs his face... Andy sleeps (for a change)... No pic of Rick so here's another one of Chuckle Brother #1 Tony Ray with the best suit money can buy.
Clare Walton, ready to zoom in. Jaime, first in the food queue. Rowena (one of our guests for the weekend). Skipper Pete, the best in Plymouth.
Karl (our other guest) with 3 of the clubs old-timers loitering in the background. Paul Carvall, our diving officer...Good grief. Brown actually makes it back alive. Brown going for the hard sell.
Loafing between dives. More loafing. Walton ensures our discount is sorted. A surprisingly tidy-looking Venture.
Andy - awake for a change!! A'kip again... The DO has a plan... There we go - awake again!
Ready to roll. In the water. Made it to the shot Bubbleless Brown.
Opposite ends of the hair spectrum. Jaime and Clare (and a flat calm sea). Pigtails. The Diving Officer's undercrackers.
The SBS motor past the Mount Batten Centre. The SBS again. View from the DO and Chairman's (rather manky) room. Drake's Island.
Grease up... Take aim... Launch the Vulcan Death Grip... Dogfish in the aquarium.
King of the Castle. Scrubs up well. What we do best. The DO with his favourite after-dinner read.


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