Dive Venues

The following venues are Croydon BSAC's usual haunts. The visibility in these areas varies from less than 1m to 10m or more depending on the time of year, but what is guaranteed is a day out on a boat and a good laugh.

~ Brighton
Only an 1 hour drive form London, Brighton has a fleet of dive boats that are berthed at the western end of the marina. We book day dives throughout the year from Steve Johnson's catamaran, Channel Diver, and Brighton Diver II, skippered by Paul Dyer. Dives are booked for all levels of diver from trainee to experienced and can include classics such as the City of Waterford, the TR Thompson and the Ashford.

~ Eastbourne
At the eastern end of the Channel, just the other side of Beachy Head, Eastbourne is a rather more sedate venue than Brighton. The marina has, however, grown substantially over the years and provides an ideal base for Channel Diver when Steve relocates for the summer. Wrecks here are generally less dived than those available out of Brighton and artefacts are still to be found. Good dives include the Alaunia, the Oceana, the Argonaut and the Caleb Sprague (from which a Croydon diver recovered the bell in 2000).

~ Falmouth
Much further a field is the beautiful Cornish town of Falmouth. Generally used as a venue for 3-day bank holiday breaks, Falmouth provides some excellent scenic diving in relatively shallow depths. Diving from Under Pressure, Steve McEwan's luxurious hard boat (gin palace!!) or Cornish Pussy, Gary Fox's catamaran, highlights include the Manacles, the Mohegan, the Hera, the Volnay and the NG Peterson.

~ Littlehampton
Another single-day venue, Littlehampton provides some wonderful shallow wreck dives like the Gascony, HMS Northcotes the Basil and the Zaanstroom as well as one of the finest deeper dives in the Channel - the Moldavia. Paul Childs is a highly experienced skipper and his boat Voyager is a large catamaran that is the ideal dive platform.

~ Plymouth
Plymouth's Mount Batten Centre is the traditional venue for Croydon BSAC 23's first trip of the year at Easter. There is a huge amount of both scenic and wreck diving available to us here with particular highlights being the James Egan Layne, the Scylla, the Persia, Hand Deeps, the Eddystone reef, the Rosehill and the Elk. We use Pete Fergus' excellent hard boat Venture for our Plymouth jollies, where trainees are pampered and experienced divers abused.

~ Weymouth
The capital of south coast diving, Weymouth boasts a fleet of some 10 or more hard boats offering diving for all levels in all depths. Portland Harbour provides sheltered diving to a max of 20m on wrecks such as the Countess of Erne and the Hood, whilst outside the harbour off Portland Bill or round into Lyme Bay truly classic wreck dives such as the M2, Aeolian Sky, the Pommeranian, the St Dunstan, and the Salsette can be found. Various Weymouth boats are used, go to the links section for more information.

In the past few years we have also visited the Farne Islands, the Scilly Isles, the Channel Islands, Scapa Flow, the Sound of Mull, the Red Sea and the Normandy coast.

For trip reports from some of our outings please have a look at the gallery pages and the club's magazine, The Muddy Puddle.


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